Virtual Workshops
All attendees will attend the pre conference workshop online

Tuesday 12th October
$15 for one session or $25 for both sessions
You can register for the pre-conference workshop via the registration page!

Pre Conference Workshop 1

Australian Stroke Academy and Stroke Society of Australasia Workshop
(Henry Ma and Andrew Wong)
Session 1 | Time: 9.30am- 12.30pm

Decision-making in hyperacute stroke management.
To discuss current controversies in acute stroke management
To highlight relevant information needed for rational decision making
To improve decision making or information gathering for others to make decisions
Speakers: Australasian Stroke Academy council members

Australian and New Zealand Society of Neuroradiology and Stroke Society of Australasia Workshop
(Tim Phillips and Timothy Ang)
Duration: Sponsored by Stryker Neurovascular
Session 2 | Time: 1.30pm-4pm

Mechanical Thrombectomy: The Biggest Breakthrough in the treatment of Acute Stroke Introduction of how Mechanical Thrombectomy became the standard of care for treating patients with LVOs. The methods and tools involved for MT Peter Mitchell

Neurologists of the Future How and where will Neurologist’s care for acute stroke patients – will they be involved in intervention? Tim Ang

Interventional Stroke Case Series 3 cases highlighting Mechanical Thrombectomy intervention for Acute Stroke Cases – what was done, why, and outcome. Tim Phillips

Future Tools and Tech for You Highlight current and future technology projects which aid in mechanical thrombectomy and stroke outcomes Live demonstration of SkillAssist (from QLD) Stryker introduction (Joel/Fernando)

SkillAssist Demo – Hal Rice and Vinicius Carraro do Nascimento


Pre Conference Workshop 2

Rehab and recovery preconference workshop: Making it matter: showcasing working partnerships with people with lived experience
Chairs: Gillian Mason and Lisa Murphy
Session 1 | Time: 930am-12.30pm

1. Young stroke project (Katherine David and Adrian O’Malley)
2. Living guidelines (Kelvin Hill and Kevin English)
3. Our Stroke Journey (Luke Hayes, Justin Kickett and Rebecca Clinch)
4. Our family’s stroke journey (Katherine David, Kylie Facer, Dee Banks and Belinda Stojanovski)


Making it matter: Showcasing research partnerships with people with lived experience
Chairs: Gillian Mason and Lisa Murphy
Session 2 | Time: 1.00pm – 4.00pm

1-2pm: Codesign in telerehabilitation (Ingrid Rosenberg, Ian Turbutt, Sue Turbutt, Dina Pogrebnoy and Meredith Burke)
2-3pm Implementation research with people with lived experience (Natasha Lannin, Clive Kempson, Elizabeth Lynch, Fawn Cooper, Maria West)
3-4pm: Listening, learning and connecting: A first nation’s approach to codesign (Juli Coffin, Vickie Brandy, Lynnette Lackay, Heidi Janssen, Beth Armstrong)


Pre Conference Workshop 3

Emerging Stroke Clinicians and Scientists workshop: Navigating the realm of research as an early career clinician or scientist.
Session 1 | Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

This morning workshop is hosted with the Emerging Stroke Clinician and Scientist special interest group. It aims to engage early career clinicians and scientists navigating the realm of research. Featuring presentations on self-promotion, how to prioritise your time to benefit your track record, and advice on seeking out new collaborative opportunities, this session will provide insights into how to best prepare yourself for a future in research, and an opportunity to meet fellow ECR’s in the stroke field.

1 – Self promotion (Nandita Suneja and Gillian Mason) – Chair: Liam Johnson
2 – Collaboration connundrum – seeking out new collaboration opportunities (Geoffrey Donnan and Andrew Clarkson) – Chair: Annabel Sorby-Adams
3 – Track record this or that (Andrew Bivard and Else Charlotte Sandset) – Chair: Cheryl Carcel

Session host: Emily Brogan


Australasian Stroke Trials Nework and Emerging Stroke Clinicians and Scientists Workshop
Session 2| Time: 1.30pm – 4.00pm

How to design stroke trials that answer the clinical question using the Estimand framework – A pathway to the future

Speakers: Kate Hayward, Nawaf Yassi and Leonid Churilov